An Overview of US Currency

    The United States currency is known as the U.S.  dollar . It is divided into 100 cents, and is denoted by the symbol "$". The U.S. dollar is the most widely used currency in international trade, and is also widely accepted as a form of payment in other countries. U.S. currency comes in several different denominations, including $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills. The design of U.S. currency has changed over time, with new versions being introduced to stay ahead of counterfeiting efforts. One of the most recent updates to U.S. currency was the introduction of a new series of $100 bills in 2013, which included a number of new security features to make them more difficult to counterfeit. These features include a blue 3-D security ribbon, a color-shifting bell in the inkwell, and a portrait watermark of Benjamin Franklin. In addition to these security features, the U.S. government has also taken steps to make U.S. currency more accessible to people with visual impairments.